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Reach your full potential

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We offer top-of-the-line financial products for any teen by combining the power of finance and the latest technology.


Our app is a gamified ecosystem, where learning about the ins and outs of finance is easy, scalable, and quick.

A screenshot of Modak's app showing how a teen can earn and spend their points
A screenshot of Modak's app showing that you need to be a verified teen to use the app


Privacy and safety are fundamental human rights. Our app and card are built from the ground up to protect our users.


Meet over 22,000 like-minded peers and find channels for all interests in our teen-only Discord community.

Earn Mobucks (MBX), our unique in-server reward system, by engaging and participating in challenges. Use them to buy Amazon, Discord Nitro, Starbucks gift cards and get any cool reward you want!

We are fully


We are funded by leading Venture Capital firms such as GGV Capital, Monashees and others. They collectively manage more than $10 Billion in assets and invested early in companies like Airbnb, Slack, Stockx, Peloton, and 300+ unicorns! We are led by our cofounder and CEO Madhu Yalamarthi who graduated in the top 10% of his class at Stanford Business School. He was a leading technology investor in Silicon Valley before starting Modak to enable teens to reach their fullest potential.


Modak has given me the opportunities to meet new friends and fund my projects, and has helped me have more confidence to talk to others! The community and staff are so welcoming and heartwarming to be around. This project is truly being created by great people... I can’t wait to see Modak succeed! WAGMI

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Modak saved my life. I was in a situation where I was trying to find a job but there were no viable opportunities. Then Modak came along in my fyp. I saw so many comments that said “this is a scam"... And I’ll say that it’s not... Overall I give this place a 100 out of 10 it’s worth joining.

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Modak gave me a safe space to interact with my favorite peers and make MANY friends! Helped me financially when I needed it, but that felt like it was just a bonus!...Modak has opened my mindset about my future! I’ve met all kinds of people here and I couldnt feel better about it !!!!

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I love Modak because of the way they help teens express their ideas and even a chance to make money from it. And I love how they are keeping the members safe by having a verification process to make sure that these kids are not being preyed on.

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I’ve been in Modak for 5 months now, it’s been the best experience I’ve ever had with a community like this. Members are friendly and very helpful, and staff is awesome! There are always awesome events going on, and something new to do. Great creative outlet, it has also helped me through some tough times.

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d4 | Modak Historian




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Terms and Conditions:
1. Upon sign-up, a $5 bonus will be credited to your future Modak card.
2. For each referral that successfully signs up to our waitlist, an additional $5 will be credited to your account, up to a maximum of three referrals.
3. The sign-up and referral money will be credited to your Modak card and will be available in your card balance once it is activated.
4. For every two referrals, Modak will plant a tree on your behalf (e.g. 2 referrals= 1 tree, 4 referrals= 2 trees, and so on).
5. Terms and conditions apply.
Modak reserves the right to make unilateral modifications to these terms and will provide notice of these changes by posting an updated version to our legal page.