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Build your credit history

Never be credit invisible, get ahead before turning 18. Save on car insurance and student loans.

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Over 100,000 places for you to get instant cashback with your Modak Visa Card.

Earn reward points

Complete challenges in our app and earn Mobucks (MBX). Redeem directly to cash or other rewards.

There are no fees. Really.

No monthly or account minimum fees. No overdraft fees. No interest. The MoCard works for you.

Stay safe and sound

FDIC insurance up to $250k through Solid Bank Partners, Member FDIC. 24/7 support with real people.

Building for the next generation

Modak is a US-based platform that empowers teens to reach their full potential regardless of their background. Over 25,000 teens and families across the US have joined Modak so far and it’s growing by the day! Led by Madhu Yalamarthi (Stanford MBA and ex-Venture Capitalist) and supported by GGV Capital, Monashees, Maya Capital, Nazca VC, One VC, and 30+ leading investors and entrepreneurs.

Seeking answers? FAQ to the rescue!

How does Modak help me build a credit history?

The Modak Visa Card is a secured credit card that allows you to make purchases up to the amount that is in your Modak Spending Account. With Smart Pay, your purchases are automatically paid off at the end of each month so you never have to worry about a bill or payments. You can opt in for us to report your transaction history as positive payment history to the credit bureaus when you’re 18+.

How can a good credit score help me?

A high Credit Score will help you get better terms and lowest interest rates on student loans, car insurance, cell phone and house plan, among others. Having a low score or no score at all can cost you money and even count against you in a job hunt.

Can a secured credit card help me build credit?

Yes, a secured credit card can help you build credit. Our technology will ensure you are making on time payments and never spend more than you have, which will allow you to establish a positive credit history over time.

Without monthly fees, how does Modak make money and still give so many rewards?

On every transaction you make, we keep a small percentage! But most of our revenue comes from partnerships with other companies, enabling us to give you so many rewards.

How does Modak keep sensitive personal info safe and secure?

By using Encryption, access controls, ensuring to comply with strict data protection policies and following relevant security and privacy regulations.

How is Modak different from other companies?

We are a financial app designed specifically for teenagers, combining a focus on financial education with gamification to make learning about personal finance more engaging and fun. We also offer features like cashback rewards on purchases and the ability to earn money through completing challenges, all while keeping our commitment to sustainability and the environment. Learn more about us.

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Modak is a financial technology company and not a FDIC-insured bank

Checking account and the Modak Visa® debit card issued by Lewis & Clark Bank, Member FDIC.

Funds deposited into Checking may be eligible for up to $250,000 of FDIC insurance.

The FDIC’s deposit insurance coverage only protects against the failure of an FDIC-insured depository institution.

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