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Get your teenager a card that gives them freedom.

Help them become financially independent while learning and earning real money.

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Your teen will be able to

Learn to build a credit score

Your teen will learn to access top-of-the-line financial services before they turn 18

Learn good financial habits

We want to empower them. Good habits, good results.

Be safe and sound

Our card and waitlist are safe. We protect our users' privacy.

Earn before they get the card

Your teen can start planning their present (and future)!

Earn money before they get the card

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For every 2 referrals we will plant 1 tree

Let’s make the difference together and plant 100,000 trees

We are dedicated to the environment along with your teen’s financial future.

To achieve this, we will plant trees through #teamtrees and The Arbor Day Foundation.

Along with helping the world, you will receive a special badge on our app and a certificate of contribution.

We are fully


We are funded by leading venture capital firms such as GGV Capital, Monashees and others. They collectively manage more than $10 billion in assets and invested early in companies like Airbnb, Slack, Stockx, Peloton, and 300+ companies worth over $1B! We are led by our co-founder and CEO Madhu Yalamarthi who graduated in the top 10% of his class at Stanford Business School. He was a leading technology investor in Silicon Valley before starting Modak to enable teens to reach their fullest potential.



Modak is not a bank. Banking services are provided by Solid Financial Technologies, Inc. and its banking partners, Members FDIC.
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1. Upon sign-up, a $5 bonus will be credited to your future Modak card.
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4. For every two referrals, Modak will plant a tree on your behalf (e.g. 2 referrals= 1 tree, 4 referrals= 2 trees, and so on).
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For every 2 referrals we will plant 1 tree