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We use Mobucks (MBX) to enhance your experience. Here's some information to help you understand MBX
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What are Mobucks (MBX)?

Mobucks are our in-app reward points that you can earn by participating in different activities. The best part? Once the card launches, you will be able to redeem $1 for every 100 MBX you have! We’ll keep this offer for at least one month after launch.

How can I earn Mobucks?

There are two ways to earn Mobucks:

Daily Mobucks

Visit our Daily Mobucks section and scratch the card to receive a random amount of Mobucks each day!


Complete weekly challenges in our Achievements section to earn a specific amount of Mobucks for each task!

Where can I check my Mobucks balance?

You can check your Mobucks balance in two different sections of our app


Check your total balance and see how many Mobucks you received or sent per day


View your total Mobucks balance

We hope you enjoy using Mobucks to enhance your app experience. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our support team!

*Please note that Modak reserves the right to change the exchange rate at any time, at our discretion and without liability to users.

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Modak is a financial technology company and not a FDIC-insured bank

Checking account and the Modak Visa® debit card issued by Lewis & Clark Bank, Member FDIC.

Funds deposited into Checking may be eligible for up to $250,000 of FDIC insurance.

The FDIC’s deposit insurance coverage only protects against the failure of an FDIC-insured depository institution.

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