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Modak is the platform for teens to earn, learn, and grow in things they love

The on-ramp for web3 and digital financial lives of teens

Take control of your brand experience

Modak allows you to interact with thousands of teens authentically.

Channel your customer acquisition and retention spend directly to the end users, while doing good in the process.

The quickest way to test and launch your web3 strategy

A gamified ecosystem with community, commerce, and safety rails to drive growth for your business.

We forge win-win partnerships that pay for success, and we won't make you spend time and tech resources integrating with us. We are plug and play.

Enabling teens to pursue their passions and connect with people and brands they love

Move forward to web3 with us

Terms and Conditions:
1. Upon sign-up, a $5 bonus will be credited to your future Modak card.
2. For each referral that successfully signs up to our waitlist, an additional $5 will be credited to your account, up to a maximum of three referrals.
3. The sign-up and referral money will be credited to your Modak card and will be available in your card balance once it is activated.
4. For every two referrals, Modak will plant a tree on your behalf (e.g. 2 referrals= 1 tree, 4 referrals= 2 trees, and so on).
5. Terms and conditions apply.